Business Advisor Gold Coast

Running a small business on the Gold Coast can be challenging, you may be the best person in your field or trade, but it can be difficult to be across all aspects of your business all of the time.

At Exceedia our team of experienced Business Advisors are not here to offer band aid solutions but long-term relationships that will ensure that your business reaches its full potential and beyond.

The team at Exceedia know what it takes to build a business from the ground up and whether your a small business or a large established company, Exceedia’s small business values and attention to detail will help your company go to the next level. Collaboration and education are two important values to building long term positive outcomes for your business. Our Business Advisors will spend time getting to know your business as if it was their own, years of experience enables our team to identify problem areas in the business and provide you with solutions to get your business performing at its peak. It is important that you as a business owner understand the performance of your business and at Exceedia our Business Advisors will show you areas of your business that need improving and will teach you the right practices so that you can identify small bumps in the road before they become real problems.

At Exceedia we are not just run of the mill Tax Accountants we offer of wide range of services for your business including

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • All financial reporting
  • Income Tax
  • Tax Minimisation Strategies
  • Payroll and Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Human Resources and WHS
  • Insurance

With a simple and practical approach of “the numbers don’t lie” we can pinpoint areas in your business that are causing financial distress and implement strategies to get you back on track. As a trusted business advisor on The Gold Coast, we can be as involved as much you want us to be. For many of our clients we are involved in the everyday running of their business, but we are also more than happy to be your on call financial guru and help when required.
Many business owners dream of having a financially secure business and with our team of expert Business Advisors on the Gold Coast, we at Exceedia make that dream a reality. Working together, we will walk you through what it takes to have a successful business by providing you with a sound understanding of

  • The best business model and structure for your business
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Simple Financial reporting – Break Even, Profit and Loss and Budgeting
  • Pain Points of your business
  • Developing and setting attainable goals
  • Employee and Business Management
  • Expansion and Growth

An outside perspective can bring a sense of clarity to all business’s, it’s easy to get lost in the daily grind of the normal working week. Internal conflicts that you are too close to to see can be identified and plans put in place to fix them. We are even happy to play “Bad Cop” if that is the best way forward. Exceedia is at the forefront of technology and any advances or updates in technology or software will be seamlessly applied to your business to ensure it there is zero downtime in the office. The key to long term financial freedom is surrounding yourself with experts who focus on looking for strategies that your run of mill accountants do not look for. Let our team of Business Advisors guide you on how to not get stuck in the rut of working in your business.

At Exceedia we understand that as a business owner the lines can blur between business and personal and our team are happy to help you navigate your personal finances as well. Home loans, credit card debt and managing your everyday expenses are just some of the personal financial matters we can help you with. Our team of Business Advisors on The Gold Coast will make owning and running your business the dream you have always hoped it would be.