A successful
business needs
strong foundations
upon which to build


Many business owners
have a “Business by Default”
rather than a
“Business by Design”


Business owners who don’t understand their business model work much harder than they need to whilst achieving much less than they ought to.


“If you are a business owner that wants down to earth, practical advice, an advisor that adds value to your business, provides guidance and mentorship I think Craig and the team at Exceedia are one of the best I’ve seen in the market. They really want to partner with you in your business.

They are not just there to push papers…”

Salena Kulkarni – Freedom Warrior

We are accountants who change our clients’ lives by dramatically increasing their business’ profit, their available cash and available time.

We have a real passion for the plight of the small business owner and understand what makes small businesses tick.

We understand the issues and struggles particular to small businesses and our range of services has been developed specifically with small business owners in mind.

Even though we’re awesome at preparing financial statements and tax returns, we’re not just number crunchers.

We believe that while business owners are fantastic at what they do (e.g. plumbers are great at plumbing), they could literally change their lives if they really understood how their business works from a financial perspective and made small but consistent improvements in key areas of their business.

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